The Anthill
Starting at the beginning of 2021 The Anthill Team has been busy setting up the foundations of the project. The Roadmap for 2021 focuses on growing the Anthill Community and the Anthill Protocol ecosystem, thus giving the Ant Tokenomy strong use cases and a utility for the ANT Token that will sustain its value.
In progress
  • The Anthill Protocol Beta Test: Proof of concept of the Anthill Tokenomics
  • First Anthill Colony: physical space in London for the Anthill members to gather, cowork, and share. With built-in Studios for photography, music productions, etc...
  • Search for investment:
    • Pitch Deck
    • The Anthill Protocol Docs (this pages)
Future Development
  • The Anthill Community Website 2.0
    • Gamification of participation: Ants will earn ANT Tokens and Ranking based on their engagement
    • Governance: The Ants Rank will give each member decision power on the Community future, including Tokenomics
  • The Anthill Marketplace: Store front for the Ants and the Community to offer their products and services
  • The Anthill Protocol Website 1.0:
    • Ants can buy/sell and stake their Ant tokens
    • Passive income consultation and collection
    • Governance protocol
  • Anthill Colonies Worldwide: more physical spaces in the major cities
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