The Anthill
Metamask: Token Addresses
At the bottom of Metmask select Add Token:
Fill in the Token Contract Address and the rest of the fields should fill in automatically:
The token addresses for this deployment are:
    ANT Token: 0xcF74BA6Fc510eca80F2d39A67048D89449C50688
    ANT Share: 0x24BE1ddBf79597A84BE49a811CD1A018729021bE
    ANT Bond: 0x6be4B0afF89AeA66528f5c3A0d0eb57a5D8d4556
    ETH Token: 0xd8971b892F6f827eD8B0BDa8D1c208E8a08fd8f6
    USDC Token: 0x3F1cA2C5d07D7145F98893e822E3496d32F7E224
Select Next and finally select Add Tokens:
The Token is added now and you should see the balance in your wallet.
Last modified 1mo ago
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