The Anthill
The Anthill Project
The first decentralized global marketplace for the creative minds
The Anthill is the first decentralized global marketplace for the creative minds on a mission to create a transparent, fair, and sustainable new economy on the blockchain.
We provide a global network to enable creators to co-work and co-create in an environment where they can develop, share and get support.
The Anthill uses an innovative tokenomy to help freelancers:
  • Sell their services and Monetize their content
  • Receive a Passive Income
  • Ignite collaborations
  • Alleviate & Reduce Isolation
We offer entrepreneurial creators the facilities, network, and accredited training to become part of a global collective that provides higher exposure, better quality for content creation and monetization options.
The Anthill is a modern, decentralized, bartering exchange trading system with a modern twist. We organize barter exchanges by using high-tech applied to a marketplace and advanced software systems.
On our platform, members can offer services in exchange for Tokens. These ANT Tokens can then be used by members to buy services from other members and to shape their role within the community.
By collaborating, sharing skills, and working together, the members generate both assets and income. At the same time, 20% of their revenue is given back to the community.
This makes the community celebrate each other success as each member's success equals a passive income for all members.
The higher the engagement Rank, the stronger the voting power for any decision that has to be made. The higher the Rank, the higher the Passive Income received.
Along the process, smart contracts are used to increase the agreement's security, verify and enforce its negotiation and performance; making sure our platform becomes an easier and more secure way to work with others.
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